Your Moving Calendar


a "printable" guideline calendar to help you stay on track


PACKING DAY ______________ 
MOVING DAY _______________ 

4 weeks before your move 

Description: an envelope “Moving Receipts” and keep all moving expense receipts in case they qualify for a tax deduction.

Description: which items you will move or dispose of. Now is the time to plan your moving sale.

Description: your moving estimate, decide which items you will pack and what the mover will pack.

Description: antiques, art objects and other valuables appraised. These require special valuation coverage for the move.

Description: up a bank account at your new location, switch automatic payments and deposits.

Description: your homeowner’s policy for coverage during and after your move.

Description: Begin packing less used & out of season items first.

Description: doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other health providers for copies of your records.

Description: for prescriptions to provide to your new pharmacy until you can select new health providers in your new location.

Description: or close/get copies of: school records, safe deposit boxes, legal records and insurance.

3 weeks before your move

Description: any needs you might have for your pets.

Description: change of address to Post Office, magazines, banks, investment companies, creditors, employer, insurance, etc.

Description: notice to cancel or transfer memberships and service contracts: health clubs such as:

YMCA, country clubs, local civic and professional associations, lessons and extracurricular activities children might be involved in, security service, lawn service, child care, home cleaning service, newspaper, etc.


Sample11/11/06 Jane Doe 123-4567 ACE Security
_____________ _____________ _____________________
_____________ _____________ _____________________
_____________ _____________ _____________________
_____________ _____________ _____________________
_____________ _____________ _____________________
_____________ _____________ _____________________

Description: your personal address book and local phone book with you to contact people or companies after your move.

2 weeks before your move

Description: utility cut-offs no sooner than the day after loading.

Description: utility connection at your new home at least one day before the first day of your delivery window.

current address new address phone

_____________ _____________ ____________ Electric

_____________ _____________ ____________ Gas/Oil

_____________ _____________ ____________ Phone

_____________ _____________ ____________ Water

_____________ _____________ ____________ Refuse

_____________ _____________ ____________ Cable TV

_____________ _____________ ____________ Other

Description: library books and other borrowed items.

Description: lockers at schools, clubs, gyms, etc.

Description: using up perishable or opened food items.

Description: of what not to ship (non-transportable and hazardous items).

Description: your plans for items that need special handling.

Description: a High Value Inventory list. 

Description: shipping an automobile, top off fluids like oil and antifreeze, but make plans to have the gas tank less than half full.

Description: your mover and discuss any changes on the original estimate, location or valuation coverage.

Have you purchased or disposed of enough items to impact the weight and charges?

Do you have a location address or change in location address?

Have you become aware of access problems for our truck at either origin or destination, such as dips in the road, traffic weight limitations, low wires, low tree limbs, tight turns, etc. It is critical that we know if there might be any access problems.

Do you wish to make a change in the declared value amount or type of valuation coverage?

1 week before your move

Description: your “survival kit,” with “must have” items like:

30-day supply of medications, important papers, mover contract and contact information, favorite/must have toys, etc. This should consist of anything you can’t do without for even a day. Items like toilet paper, Kleenex, hand wipes, drinks, toys to occupy children while you travel, etc.


Moving Company – _______________________________


Driver – ________________________________________

Contract Order Number – __________________________

Description: valuables and identification papers the moving company will not transport, such as:

- cash – fine jewelry – coin/stamp collections – stocks – bonds – passports – social security cards – birth certificates – etc.

Description: packing suitcases: an assortment of casual, business and school attire.

Description: travel arrangements.

Description: and dry spa, garden hose, etc.

Description: cash, money order or certified check ready for the driver/mover (for Interstate moves) and for your travel expenses.

Description: the fuel from lawnmowers and other gasoline powered equipment.

Description: items such as swing sets, trampolines, shop equipment, etc.

Description: items out of inaccessible areas, i.e. attics, storage sheds, crawl space, etc.

1 day before your move

Description: packing clothing, medications, valuables, paperwork and other items you are taking with you.

Description:, clean and deodorize refrigerator and freezer (don’t forget to disconnect the icemaker).

Description: all appliances from electricity and gas. Clean and air the range and microwave.

Description: final packing.

Moving Day

Description: walkways and drive of ice or snow. Make sure pots, statuary or other items have been cleared away.

Description: suitcases & valuables in the trunk of the car to avoid confusion with items to be moved.

Description: items going to storage or a second location separated and clearly marked.

Description: to load last: vacuum, “essentials” box, “parts” box and other items you will need first at destination.

Description: available during packing and loading.

Description: a final tour of your home with the driver.

Moving In

Description: utilities are connected.

Description: walkways and drive of ice, snow, etc.

Description: electronics/appliances at least 24 hours to adjust to room temperature and upright state before plugging in.

Description: your new home!