BESTMOVE  has been moving my family for the last 18 years. On our last move in August 2012 they did their normal brilliant job! I was happy to find out that they now are an Agent for American Red Ball and do moves cross country. Now, when I retire next year, I can use BESTMOVE   to make our last move to Chicago, IL. It's been a great run guys, thank you! I'll be talking to you in June.

Larry D Newbury Park, CA

Thanks guys! You did a great job! BESTMOVE  moved us to our new home in Malibu on a rainy, horrible day last February. The access was very bad and they had to park their truck 200 + feet away and the rain made it even worse. But Frank, Stuart and Cliff didn't complain, they just hustled and got it done way faster than my husband and I thought possible. During the move there was some mud that was tracked onto our living room carpets. This was really no big deal because of the impossible situation, but Lyn insisted that he send his carpet cleaning crew out to clean it. Can you say "above and beyond the call of duty"! Well that's the way I feel and that's why I'm writing this review! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa Lu Malibu, CA 

BESTMOVE  just moved my one bedroom apartment from Thousand Oaks, CA to Miami FL and I couldn't be happier! I thought I didn't have enough stuff for a moving company to move me and if they did it would be way too expensive. But, I was surprised that they would even do my move, and better yet that they did it very reasonably and got my stuff to me undamaged and before the time that they promised.

I'm happy and would totally recommend them!

Lance Miami, FL

BESTMOVE  just handled the move of my mother into an assisted Living Home. It was a very delicate situation and they handled it with professionalism. Thank you!

Thomas B Moorpark, CA

Hey guys, when did you start this Cross Country moving thing? My golfing buddy just used you to move he and his family to Orlando, Florida. He called me and said he was extremely happy and told me it was BESTMOVE  that moved him. I was blown away, I didn't know you did moves that far? You guys have moved me four times in the last nine years and it's always been a great experience! I'll spread the word thatBESTMOVE  does Long Distance moves now and I'll call you if I ever keep my promise to my wife to move out of LA!

Jimmy J Calabasas, CA

BESTMOVE  just moved my family from Agoura Hills, CA to Fredricksburg, Texas. I told Lyn that after the last box was unpacked, I would tell him how the move went. Lyn, I know that you were nervous because I was going to be your guinea pig (your first Long Distance move with Red Ball) and you wanted to make sure my move went perfect. Well...........IT DID!!! Your guys were great. Stuart and Cliff came over two days before the move and helped me prepare for the move by packing some artwork, a couple of small statues, crating two pieces of marble and just answering all my questions. They were great! That relieved so much stress, you wouldn't believe it! On move day your crew showed up on time and so did the Red Ball truck!.....another stress reliever! The loading of the truck went well and it arrived in Texas on the day it was supposed to! The unloading of the truck went flawlessly and now that the last box is unpacked I'm happy to say that I am a VERY happy customer! There was one thing that did happen. As the driver was backing out of my driveway, at my new home in Texas, he hit my gate and kind of tweaked it a bit. My husband and son tried to fix it but couldn't, so when I called Lyn he said no problem and a Red Ball claims rep. called me and got it fixed in a few days. So, there it is Lyn! You did a fantastic job and I am very happy and will refer you to my friends!

Rosie B Fredricksburg, TX


February 10, 2011

Dear Gary,

Please accept our thank you for sending the two movers, Frank and Rodie, to move us from our home in Camarillo to our storage units in Thousand Oaks, last Saturday, February 5, 2011.

They were fast and efficient and totally professional. If your organization has a bonus program for professionalism then these two men should be rewarded.

Again thank you for sending Frank and Rodie and your courtesy as well.

Margret H. Bauer

March 11, 2011

Hi Lyn,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for taking care of my clients on their move to Vegas! They are not only clients, but friends of mine and they counted on me for a good referral. You came through for me and I appreciate it! I will refer you to everybody I come in contact with that needs a good mover.

I also wanted to congratulate you guys on becoming an Agent for American Red Ball! That's great! I know that they are a first class company with your same ethical values. Now I'll let all my clients know that BESTMOVE  does moves cross country!

Thank you,

Tommy Helpner
Century 21 Real Estate

March 21, 2012

Hi Lyn,

I promised you that I'd write a glowing review on your company once we got settled at our new place here in College Park.
But, I don't know how to do a review on the internet. I was hoping that this letter would be OK.

As I told you, we are so, so happy with you and your company. You've learned by now that I am a stress case! The way you were so patient with me and actually picked up the phone every time I called before the move. (what did I call about 20 times?) You actually had an answer for every question that I had, amazing! You always assured me that everything would be OK and that my move would go smooth.........and it did!

Your crew was great! They showed up right on time and got the Red Ball truck loaded very efficiently. They were just so organized and precise, it was kind of fun to watch! The Red Ball guy was great too! He was a super hard worker with a great sense of humor. He had us laughing quite allot (never thought I'd be laughing on move day!).

The coordination from you and the man at Red Ball, during the drive time, made me feel like our furniture was in good hands. Our stuff showed up within the scheduled time period, actually a day early. The truck was unloaded without any problems and we are very happy with our move. We will refer you and your company to everybody we know.


Margie Roth
College Park, GA

June 10, 2012

Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you for being so fair we me. You did great work, the price was very fair and less than I thought. You changed your schedule to accommodate mine and I couldn't be happier! Just thought you should know.


Dennis Timlin

July 3, 2012

Hi Lyn,

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me out at a very stressful time. I was freaking out and probably was a bit of a jerk!
You hung in there with me and didn't get upset. I appreciate that! I've settled in at my new place and life seems normal again!
You went out of your way to help me and your crew was great! I can't thank you enough. So, I will go out of my way to refer your company every chance I can.

Thank you,

Jim Scardina

August 15, 2012

Hey guys,

I wanted to thank you for the great work you did moving my ex wife. I know that she was going to have everything packed and ready to go and when your crew got there they found stuff everywhere, about two feet high!, that hadn't been packed. I know it must of seemed like a nightmare to your crew when they got there, but they just dug in and started working.

You sent 3 more guys with another truck and a bunch of packing supplies at a moment's notice and I totally appreciate it!
I feel responsible to help Shelly and you came through for me.

If you ever need a good referral, I'm you man!

Thank you,

Leonard Stamper